Alex Sepkus - Dolce

Alex Sepkus

Men and women who wear Sepkus are front and center around the world, as his work stands out for his unique combination of precious stones, whimsically arranged in gold and platinum. These contemporary designs stand out for their creativity, their organic feel, and we think are perfect for our Colorado clients who are looking for something totally original and special that's sure to strike up a conversation when worn.

"Alex remains so focused he never feels the need to chase anything. Why should he? His picture is big, like a magnificent mosaic; the components comprise detailing so small he and his workforce require microscopes to execute it, which is only the first contradiction from this designer. Alex Sepkus is a fanatic; the intelligences he applies to his work is far beyond the national standard requirements of a jeweler set by the committee of national standard requirements."

—Stephen Webster, describing his friend and fellow artist Alex Sepkus

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