Elizabeth Martin - Dolce

Elizabeth Martin

Created for the woman with a global sensibility and a style all her own.
Elizabeth Martin’s premier jewelry collection is a modern play of color,
texture and form – merging natural elements and man made finds from every
corner of the globe.

Each carefully chosen piece comes together in unexpected ways to tell a unique story:
tribal beads from nepal and tibet, vintage afghani coins and gold-leaf buddha beads
from india combine with smoky quartz, smooth onyx and fossilized coral.
Prehistoric mammoth bones offset vivid turquoise and lapis; raw faceted rubies shimmer
alongside polished river stones. Richly grained olive wood mixes with natural shed
buffalo horn, while glittering diamond rondelles add glamour and ultraluxe sparkle.

Each limited-edition and one-of-a-kind bracelet is a work of wearable art…
designed to mix and match,wear singly or stacked to the hilt for a look that’s
both timeless and of-the-moment, organic yet utterly sophisticated.