Federica Rettore - Dolce

Federica Rettore

How can we frame the sound of the sea; how can we tie to the finger the joy of living or how can we challenge the preciousness of gold, the refinement of gems, the elegance of pearls to make out of each jewel a perfect match with art and nature?

Ask Italian designer Federica Rettore. Federica makes jewels of creative fancy, of freedom of ideas, and of eclectic use of materials; from the most precious to the most unusual, which makes one say: “luxury coupled with taste is beautiful”. 

It’s not by chance that Federica believes that a jewel is “a small sculpture to wear and never to doff.” To keep the unison of amorous senses sought by the artist, she pairs metals with gems, precious woods with corals, pearls with steel. We think you'll love the results.