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Omi Prive

The Omi Gems family dates back five generations to Burma in the early 1900’s. Decades of wars and close escapes from political unrest followed. With a handful of gems, a brilliant outlook, and a clear mindset, Omi Nagpal and his loving wife, Preeti, came to the United States. There, they founded and built a loose gemstone house that over time became synonymous with the world’s most valuable jewels.

Now, the Los Angeles-based company is led by Omi’s son, Niveet. As head designer, Niveet has continued the family’s reputation and high integrity through the Omi Privé fine jewelry collection.

Niveet carries his family’s deep appreciation for the inherent beauty of each gem. Through multiple manufacturing destinations and years of testing high methods of jewelry fabrication, Niveet has determined the finest craftsmanship in the United States. Though only years old, this collection stems from decades of tradition in loose colored stones. He settles for nothing less than to produce works of jewelry equivalent to the values of the gems they showcase.